With All Our Hearts

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month so the topic is represented well in the media and supporting groups. Often, fundraising efforts from those passionate about advancements in cancer research take place. Our client, Matilda Jane Clothing is a perfect example of an organization that chooses to honor those faced with breast cancer by donating certain sales in the month of October towards worthy non-profits here in Northeast Indiana and around the country.

As part of Matilda Jane’s awareness efforts, we were given the job to provide some specific branding elements that speak to this special month. First up was creating an icon that can stand alone as an identifier of the brand and it’s association with breast cancer “hope”. We took the flower element that’s used on the (newly updated) wordmark, and crafted it to mesh with a pink ribbon. This icon can now live on with future fundraising and awareness efforts.

One of the other subtler elements included developing a custom pattern of flower petals.
All of the art came together in different projects ranging from website images to postcards sent to MJC’s network of Trunk Keepers.

For details on the sales of specific MJC clothes for breast cancer-related organizations, please go here.