What Happens at Turnstone...

Turnstone Casino NightThis March will be Turnstone’s 37th Annual Casino Night. 37 years! Wow, that’s one awesome legacy. It’s a reminder how long these folks have been empowering people with disabilities in our community. And it clearly shows that the work they do matters. Big time.

That being said, how could we not want to help out with the promotions for the event?

Say the word “casino” and you think of Atlantic City, Reno and East Chicago, right? Uh, sure, but surely you think Las Vegas first. Vegas, baby. Vegas. The iconic neon road sign that greets visitors to the strip was the inspiration for the save the date we designed for the event, with a Turnstone twist.

The event is Saturday, March 10th at 7pm. All the proceeds of this year’s event will support Turnstone’s children and youth programs and services, including the Kimbrough Early Learning Center, pediatric therapy programs and the adaptive sports and recreation program. More details can be found on the Turnstone site.

And remember: what happens at Turnstone Casino Night stays at Turnstone Casino Night.

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