Twice the Forte

Last night, there was Fortissimo: A Symphonic Collission of the Precise & The Unbound. In a lot of ways, Fortissimo was OLG doing everything it knows how to do, all at once.

Nate and I were over-the-moon in the weeks and months and year leading up to this event, and it was tremendously exciting to see that over-the-moon feeling spread through such an incredible, enthusiastic, diverse audience.

Your attendance, and your sense of adventure, meant the world to us.

Matt’s thoughts, leading up to the event.

Nate’s thoughts, leading up to the event.

And here’s a great article over at SalonCan the symphony be saved?—that talks about exactly why it’s so awesome that the Fort Wayne Philharmonic is willing to stick its neck out and get as artistically adventurous as they did on this night.

[ photo credit: Drew Allegre ]

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