Three types of hot.

Best Boy & Co. Hot Sauces

A little while back we were given the opportunity to work on the packaging of a new series of hot sauces for our friends at Best Boy & Co. We have been working with their team for a while and they were really looking for a twist on what we have done for them before. To spice it up, so to speak.

It is always a fun project, when there are new products to try, and try it we did. On pizza. On tacos. On more pizza. What can I say, it’s important to be thorough.

Named after the ‘hero’ chili in each of the sauces, we were tasked with developing a series of illustrations to bring the Blonde, Redhead and Brunette Hot Sauces to life. And although the concept was pretty simple, there was still a lot to consider. The bottles are pretty small, so the design needed to be deliberate and iconic, and the colors had to be strong. They needed to work as a stand-alone set and with their existing product range. I really wanted them to be stylized and elegant, not too saucy despite the names. And I think we managed to find a nice balance.

Web Refresh.
In addition to the packaging work, we recently launched a newly designed website for Best Boy & Co. Built on our favorite e-commerce platform, Shopify, we gave shoppers a smoother experience. Visit the freshly updated website, grab a few bottles of hot sauce and find your favorite.

Also huge congrats to Best Boy & Co. for their recent International Gold Medal win. They won for their Deli Style Mustard at the World Wide Mustard Competition.