The News Is Out

OWX-1 OWX-3OWX-Web-9 copyOWX-Posters-3 copy OWX-Web-11 copyOWX-7You know that feeling you get when you’re about to share good news with someone?

It’s the thrill of knowing what you say could change that person’s life.

That’s how we felt at OLG when OrthoWorx engaged us earlier this year to share their story with college students.

Going into the project, we knew Warsaw was the Orthopedic Capital of the World®. (They even copyrighted it!) But we were excited to tell students how this industry makes a difference in people’s lives every day.

Sure, they make good money—better than average, actually. But what our friends at OrthoWorx kept telling us is that it’s about more than paychecks. It’s about giving people their lives back. And that’s the best benefit we can imagine.

So we came up with an overarching campaign called “Think Ortho” to help students see the life-changing benefits.

And we dreamed up ways to share the news—to show people opportunities, adventures and careers with purpose are right here, and the orthopedic industry is a big part of that. (In this way, the campaign recalls our work on the Made Here campaigns we created for the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership.)

The orthopedic industry is driving social and economic development in our entire region, and its businesses support each other by working together to invest in a better future.

So we strapped on booties and hairnets, and toured facilities at Zimmer-Biomet, DePuy and other industry leaders. We stuck GoPros to machines that had probably never seen cameras before, taste-tested Warsaw’s amazing local bars and restaurants and hit the waves for water sports and recreation, too.

Through it all, we kept coming back to the people.

Wherever we went, whatever we did, people were excited to hear we were working with OrthoWorx, and they offered us hospitality and stories, time and time again.

If you ask us, it’s the people who make places and careers worthwhile. And we hope the “Think Ortho” campaign expresses that in the website, iBook, video, posters, brochures, career fair materials and more.

Northeast Indiana is teeming with opportunity and purpose, and we’re excited to tell the world — all the way from the Orthopedic Capital®.

The news is out.

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