The New

The Carson Boxberger redesign was a great exercise in minimal web design for our team. The CB gang had a pretty good idea of what they wanted coming into the project: simple and clean. Ditch the gradients and illustrated elements. Strip the colors down. We have such a great working relationship with Carson Boxberger that it took no time at all to sketch out a concept that met their expectations. It’s hard, though—sometimes “taking away” in a layout can feel like a loss. Leaving behind their old site with all the flash and gradient color felt like a step backward at first glance. Where we ended up, however, feels so much more refined. It’s hard not to assume that someone sees a minimal layout and thinks it’s underdeveloped. This is where attention to detail in areas like whitespace, font sizes and intentional breakpoints make all the difference.

The redesign of CB’s site coincided with their move into The Harrison on Jefferson Boulevard. BFA Commercial Photography did some incredible work on the images throughout the project. They captured the wide open spaces, architecture and contemporary atmosphere that both the new Carson Boxberger website and the new Carson Boxberger workspace are great representations of.

Notes from Web Developer, Tommy Cutter:
I enjoy building typography-driven websites. Using language and type as a design element can be a powerful thing. It’s true that an image says a thousand words, but sometimes a thousand words isn’t what you want. What you really need to know is that Carson Boxberger is committed to creating success for their clients. Starting with the homepage, you can see that message very clearly. Although the site is type-heavy, the personality and warmness of the firm isn’t lost. You’ll see photos of the new space sprinkled throughout the site, along with video bios, so you can get to know the attorneys. And if you’re on the go, you can browse the specially formatted version of the website for mobile and tablet devices.
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