The Good Ones: It's All in the Details


With the spring launch of The Good Ones brand, not only did OLG get to influence and design the clothing itself, but we also made it a point to enhance all touchpoints of the purchasing process.

First in line was developing hangtags that would be put on each item. Anyone who pays attention to these little elements knows that the world is open for different opportunities—sizing, textures, colors and attachments are all considerations. In the end we landed on a piece that was inspired by VIP badges you might see at a concert, and this played well with our character’s role as a young band. The top portion was printed and die-cut and then a screenprinted piece of fabric was run through a slot to be sewn at each end. It’s finished off with a black string and a Good Ones button is affixed.

Our attention next turned to how things arrived to the customer. Each item needed to be placed in custom bags and we found an oversized 1-color logo would do the job. Then there was the issue of how to attach the packing slip. You could just place it with the clothes, or you could make a custom-printed zip bag and stuff it with stickers of the characters and our very own Good Ones guitar picks. Hopefully the lil’ ones wearing the clothes also have their favorite character stuck on a notebook or lunchbox!

Eventually we started itchin’ to do some posters, y’know, because we like that kind of thing. We created four posters, each representing the different characters, Stuart, Adrian, Franklin and Bullfrog. Since their fictitious tour was all across America, all four posters could also individually pay homage to a section of the country; this was done by creating icons of landmarks and popular themes. We printed on a mushroom-colored stock and used a process where digital white ink was put on top—giving the appearance of a screen print. Initially, you’d get a free poster for a certain dollar amount spent on the site.

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