The Bravest Dreams

In November 2012, Denise DeMarchis took 25 of her family, best friends and soon-to-be best friends on a trip to Kitale, Kenya, to cast the vision of building a girls’ home at the Seeds Orphanage. Soon after, her husband David DeMarchis followed with a similar trip.This November, they’re returning, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of that trip, and the legacy it has created.

Back in September, we worked with the Mighty Acorn Foundation to design and produce invitations to be delivered to the original crew of people that went on the 2012 Kitale trip.

MAF wanted the invitations to double as a keepsake, so we wrote and printed a message—inspired by Denise—on wooden veneer sheets* that could be framed, tacked up on a bulletin board, or sticky-taped to a mirror.


They turned out beautifully, and were certainly made with a lot of love.

Best wishes and safest travels to the group of Mighty Acorns embarking on their journey this month!


*Big thanks to Excell Color Graphics for working with us on the production. Who knew how wild and wonderful it would be to print digitally on real wood?

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