The Bair Is Loose!

There’s a new automotive restoration start-up in Fort Wayne. Bair Customs, Inc. is a group of dedicated guys with years of experience bringing old cars back to life—and better than ever. They recently asked OLG to create a logo that would be bold, yet classy, and fit within their industry.

The only specific art direction was to play off “Bair” in the animal sense. In the end I took the claws of a bear and by turning them sideways you not only get the representation of ferocity, but it can also look like the flames associated with a quick ride. I custom-drew the letterforms because I wanted something that was wider, bold and spoke to the craft of forming the body of a vintage vehicle. I also knew early on that I wanted the resulting brand to have an icon that could be used for touchpoints—like on a work shirt or tagged on a promoted car.

The guys at Bair are currently getting the shop together and a website up. Look for them or their moving art around town!

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