The Afterparty Continues

This year will mark the fourth year of Dessert, the official afterparty for Taste of the Arts in downtown Fort Wayne. As in years past, OLG has provided the visual face to promote the free, band-centered event.

The newly announced lineup has five acts chosen by Northeast Indiana Public Radio and is hosted by Julia Meek (of the Meet the Music program). The stage will be set up in the Barrett & McNagny parking lot on the corner of Barr & Berry which is¬†conveniently¬†just south of the other Taste of the Arts activities earlier in the day. Dessert is also associated with the Cultural District’s Last Saturdays series of events.

The creative for Dessert started with the idea of simple roadside signage and a question of what the illustration could be to convey the event. The icon became the simple hand with a beverage. It has a hint of the creative from last year with the melting shapes. In addition, to the (mostly) proportional flyer, we carried the cup theme onto a more unique “3-d flyer”. We printed stickers which we applied to cups and pinned them to bulletin boards from the inside. I believe it created the visual interest needed to advertise this fun and unique event.

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