Team Neighborlink Cycling Jerseys

A buddy of mine in Fort Wayne is collecting volunteers who wanna donate to a good cause and race as a member of “Team NeighborLink.” He runs a community service program for teams of volunteers to provide assistance to folks in need in Fort Wayne. Donors get a cycling kit that includes a jersey and shorts among other things. I got to design ‘em. Always wanted to design a cycling jersey. A little because I am a heavy commuter/cyclist myself. But mostly because an excuse to use the five colors in the “Union Cycliste Internationale” racing stripes (seen on every vintage jersey I’ve ever lusted over) is a dream come true.
The finished cycling kit just came back from the manufacturer the other day and I’m not sure I could be happier with the finished product. UCI stripes, Helvetica and minimal icons. Sweating just thinking about it. Or maybe that’s because I’m wearing it.

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