Talent Made Here: Completing Degrees

This spring kicked off OLG’s continuation of working with the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership and Talent Initiative on the Talent Made Here campaign—getting the word out on the importance of higher education and life-long learning. In the past, our  focus was specifically on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and how interest in those subjects could help in Northeast Indiana’s goal of training the skilled workers we’ll need for an advanced workforce. This time around we’re promoting the idea of people finishing certificates or degrees that they may have already started but now put off.

We spent time looking at research—what makes people stop attending school, and what can motivate them to go back. Our first rollout of creative came in the form of outdoor. Not only did we need to emphasize the value of a certificate or degree, but we needed to do so in the mindset of Vision 2020’s Big Goal which wants 60% of Northeast Indiana’s workforce to have a certificate or degree by the year 2025. Like past billboards, we took the angle of being blunt yet motivational.

Next came the TV spots which have always been fronted by our lovable spokesperson, Curtis. We also decided to introduce his accomplice, Jenn, to the mix. As a combo, they’d both be explaining how TalentMadeHere.com could be your first step in learning more about additional schooling and solutions to make it happen. In between the narrative are webcam videos of people giving real-life perspectives on this subject. In the end they’re a little less zany than other TMH spots, but we thought the tone had to be more serious for the audience at hand. We realize it is not easy, but it is worth it!

The discussion of “adult learners” carries on to the website. Check it out!

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