Spreading the Good Word of The Good Ones

Dial_TGO_lookbookIt’s been hot times here at OLG HQ! On top of working on all the clothing items for the spring release of The Good Ones, we’ve also been producing a collection of print and digital materials, videos and photos to help spread the good word of The Good Ones!

We recently produced a 16-page lookbook for TGO to showcase the 2015 spring/fall collections at ENK Children’s Club in New York City.

For a little background, here’s a quick glimpse of the TGO timeline for this project:

February 11th:
TGO’s newest clothing samples arrive in Fort Wayne, IN, from the manufacturer

February 13th:
Collection photoshoot

February 13th:
TGO print ads due to various publications (That’s no typo, either. I’m talkin’ same-day service.)

February 23rd:
Lookbook goes to print

February 27th:
Team TGO flies to NYC 

To do this, we had a fast and furious photoshoot in St. Louis, Missouri—in-and-out within 18 hours style—and shot the entire collection at a few different locations with a handful of adorable models! While on site, we were switchin’ memory cards in and out of the photographer’s camera so we could begin laying out some print ads with the new articles of clothing! We weren’t going to let pub deadlines hold us back from showing off our new favorite favorites.

Photos shot. Print ads out. Lookbook produced. We sent Team TGO off to NYC for a week of rolling with the big hitters in the Big Apple. From what I hear, great things happened that week—someone even knew/remembered Olivia and I from our tee-slingin’ stint at Riot Fest Chicago last September with the previous collection of TGO! Small world.

Fast forward to April and we’ve been producing all kinds of great TGO material right before release one of Stringing up the Stars on April 15th. Check out some of the amazing social media videos OLG’s new full-time photo man, MT, produced leading up the release day.

We couldn’t be more excited to showcase all things TGO. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the second release of Stringing up the Stars in May!


See videos below. 



In the days leading up to release one of Stringing up the Stars for TGO, we created a few stop-motion promotional videos for The Good One’s social media pages to build excitement for the launch.