Serendipity Launches

This past week, our friends at Matilda Jane Clothing launched their much-anticipated spring line. Like other projects we’ve done for MJC, this one carried a theme—Serendipity.

Once the Serendipity line was conceived last fall, Matilda Jane asked us to develop the look and feeling of the hangtags and neck tags. Denise, the owner and creative visionary for the brand, had an idea based around certain colors and a specific type of illustration she thought would be successful. I took that direction and ended up designing what you see on the left.

It’s a tricky process making something that can look good on a paper tag and still translate well to a much smaller piece on the clothes. In the end, I’m happy with the precision which the fabric was printed.

I can’t wait to show ya the tags for The Good Ones—coming soon!

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