Revealing Healthcare Innovation

There’s one name in healthcare furniture that continually brings new, purposeful products to the market and we were able to work with ’em recently. Wieland produces furniture for all areas of a hospital campus and their new solution for family patient rooms—SleepToo—was just revealed to industry designers at a national tradeshow and through a leading publication. The latter is where we come in.

Wieland first asked us to promote the unveiling of SleepToo by creating a teaser ad that didn’t show the product, but created excitement for those attending the show. Our idea was to do a clean illustration of the outside of a patient room with the door slightly open. Inside the room you see a glimpse of fabric indicating what’s to come. This ad ran a month prior to the tradeshow.

Next, we had to create an ad to showcase the final product. This reveal—circulated during the trade event—showed the uniqueness of SleepToo. It not only acts as a couch for guests, but is what Wieland refers to as a “lifestyle product” because it is adaptable for many other uses. With the movable middle table, one can use it as a desk, eating space or even lower it for additional seating. You can also fold over the back and use it for sleeping. All these uses made us envision an ad that properly represented SleepToo and spoke to the audience who’d influence the purchase of it.

This ad first kicked off by setting up a photo shoot to get our talent using SleepToo in the four distinctive setups. The only issue was we didn’t have access to the very important prototype! Instead we had the client ship the previous (award-winning) Allay couch to the studio. It was similar enough in dimensions that we were able to later digitally add our talent to 3D renderings of SleepToo. I think the result is pretty good and we ended up with a pretty sweet ad. (See before and after below).

I’m sure this piece of furniture will go on to win the hearts of healthcare designers much like Wieland’s past models.


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