Poptique Gourmet Popcorn

Update: Poptique founder Lindsey Hively passed away on April 23, 2015. The OLG team misses her contagious spirit, her zeal for this community, and most importantly, her friendship. 

Original Dial entry:

A recent, fun project that we were lucky to collaborate on was the rebranding of Kernel Coladas Gourmet Popcorn. This tasty brand—offering a range of premium flavors—has grown significantly over the last few years and needed a refresh to make the next step toward a more consumer-friendly product. One Lucky Guitar had worked alongside Kernel Coladas on a few occasions at downtown Fort Wayne events and in collaboration with Vision 2020 and we were excited to help out this regional favorite.

The name was the first element that changed. Seeing that the initial startup could be difficult to spell and a lil’ long, there needed to be a word that helped sell the uniqueness and slightly high-scale feeling we’d be marketing. The final name, Poptique, seemed to hit all the right marks!

We then moved on to to the wordmark that we knew had to sell the artisan work that goes into each batch, but yet still remained fun. It was also very important to get the color palette down as we knew future branding initiatives would come from this project. In the end, we also created a popcorn character who could appear on certain applications.

Branding has already changed on the web and we’ll be working to collaborate on other touch points in the near future. If you haven’t tried Poptique Gourmet Popcorn, please check them out and browse all the tempting flavors of which you’ll be sure to find a favorite!