Politics on the Road

Yeah, the political season is in full swing and a recent project had us contributing a bit of art to the spectacle. As part of our continued relationship with the Alumni Association of (The) George Washington University, we created some visual appeal for a series of post cards.

These mailers are to advertise five upcoming lectures in major cities talking about the 2012 presidential race and the politics that surrounds it. As GW is well known for being experts at this stuff, it’s neat to get to be a part of what they do best.

The request was to develop an image that represented the two major parties fighting it out. The first task was pairing the donkey and elephant in the same space which is challenging because they contrast significantly in size, shape, etc. I think we managed to get a consistant look between them. To wrap it up, I placed the illos on an interstate-looking sign, trying to signify that these lectures were on the road for a series of dates.

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