Over the Moon for Starfinancial.com

Earlier this year, OLG worked with the great team at STAR to launch the completely redesigned starfinancial.com. The culmination of many months of benchmarking, development and content creation, the new site coincided with STAR’s brand evolution as STAR Bank • Insurance • Private Advisory. Built with a robust, full CMS, the STAR team has enjoyed the ability to update any and all content on the site since its launch in March, tailoring the messaging and user experience to complement the marketing efforts the financial institution is making in other media. Customers have experienced a clean, intuitive site that offers increased functionality and enhanced features—and that delivers the STAR brand promise with every interaction. And in exciting news for STAR customers like OLG (and each of our employees), the site’s new, incredibly powerful online banking system is set to launch in the coming weeks! Have a look.