On the Tube

Over the last couple months, OLG founder Matt Kelley was interviewed on two terrific programs.

Most recently, Matt was interviewed in The B-Side by Emilie Henry and her great crew for an episode of the long-running arts IN focus series. MK discusses the state of arts & culture in Fort Wayne, and offers a few stories about One Lucky Guitar, The B-Side, Middle Waves and The Legendary Trainhoppers.

His shirt is buttoned too high, and he’s wearing eyeglasses after an ocular injury sustained a few days before at Middle Waves 2017, but…it went pretty well. At least, Matt’s mom sent him a really nice text after the show aired.

And, this summer, MK was featured on Tastemakers Fort Wayne, a web series that began in the Spring. TFW host Jim Mahan and MK chat about Fort Wayne’s momentum, Middle Waves, makin’ music and more, and take a bike ride down to MW festival grounds.

Again, Matt joined an illustrious group of folks who had been previously featured, and was flattered to have been invited. Big thanks to Jim for the vision of the series, and for his excellent crew (including OLG pal, Brad Bores) for all of the hard work to bring it together. Matt’s shirt appears appropriately buttoned here, and there are no eyeglasses, but don’t get him started talking about bike helmets, etc.

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