OLG's Summer Session 2013

One Lucky Guitar is pleased to announce the first annual Summer Session—an interactive evening in our downtown design & marketing boutique. We invite college students majoring in design and marketing to join us for what we are confident will be a very unique and enlightening night.

Summer Session will take place on Wednesday, May 8 and Thursday, May 9 from 6:30–8:30PM. Don’t worry—the programming is the same each night, and interested students only need to enroll in one of the nights. The price is $15, and while attendees will receive a pretty epic goodie bag, the better news is that we will be donating all proceeds to the AFFW scholarship fund.

Why are we doing this?

Every year, we receive emails, portfolios, packages, even visits from enterprising young students. Most often, they’re seeking an internship with the design and production team at OLG. We receive A LOT of these inquiries.

And yet we haven’t offered an internship on that side of our business for several years.

Fact is, we’re a medium-sized, smallish company that is, at times, unbearably hard-charging. Back when we offered design internships, we struggled to feel that we were giving the students the attention, and opportunity, that we felt they deserved.

So, we came up with other ways to interact with students. We’d visit their classes. Do one-off portfolio reviews. Correspond with ’em on email. Most recently, judge their pitches. Every one of those interactions was valuable for the students and, indeed, for us.

We just felt like maybe there was a way to reach more students, and have a bit more consideration and polish with the information we’re sharing. (Bear in mind: polish is a relative term.)

And now we introduce Summer Session. This will be a fun night, with a boutique tour, Q&A, interactive presentations from the OLG team and more.

So come on—enroll! Summer school was never quite like this.

Advanced registration is required. Space is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. Enrollment will begin at 7AM EST on Monday, April 22nd. Sign up below.

– MK

Please choose which evening session you would like to attend (programming is the same each night):

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