OLG Becoming Bicycle Friendly


We recently received the designation of ‘Bicycle Friendly Business’ from the League of American Bicyclists, which was pretty exciting for us. See, many of us bike to work — or at least get our wheels out over the weekend for a bit of exercise — and we really enjoy our time spent on the city’s bike lanes, routes and trails.

Our on-site shower, convenient outdoor and indoor bike parking, OLG Bike Team gear and involvement with Fort Wayne Trails are just a few of the things that earned us this super awesome designation.

Our team has been known to put away some Jimmy John’s so one of our favorite rides is heading across town from Lafayette Street to Jimmy John’s on West Jeff. — about 15 miles round trip. When you ride to lunch, you don’t feel so bad adding a bag of chips to your favorite JJ’s order!

Ride safely,

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