A Pixelated Adventure for the NCAA

Earlier this year, American Specialty and the NCAA’s group insurance program came to us with a script to be the base layer for a series of short videos. Our charge was to take the script and turn it into what looked like a video game. We concepted a pixel-precious hero and a couple classic environments—as well as wrote and arranged a chip-tune soundtrack for the adventure. The result is hopefully an incredibly different way of looking at something that is usually not associated with the word “fun”—insurance. This was a tough one but we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. And thankfully, it sounds like the client couldn’t be happier either. Check out this letter from Marla Peters, the senior vice president of American Specialty:

I wanted to be sure to tell you what an amazing, fantastic job One Lucky Guitar did on our recent project.  Michelle is an absolute pleasure to work with…great attitude, positive, enthusiastic, responsive, accurate, and more.  Nate was able to take our loose, nebulous concept and turn it into something better than we could have imagined…so creative!  We sent the first email blast a couple weeks ago and the sales team received positive feedback from clients along the lines of, “I watched it three times because it was so fun.”  How often does anyone say that about insurance?  It’s a differentiator which is what we needed for our program this year.

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