Matilda Jane Clothing's House of Clouds

One Lucky Guitar’s marketing relationship with Matilda Jane Clothing dates back to 2004 — when the soon-to-be thriving clothing company was a side-project-(to-a-side-project) steadily gaining steam in a spare room of Denise DeMarchis’ home, and the nascent OLG was a side-project-(in-case-the-whole-music-thing-didn’t-work-out) in the kitchen of Matt Kelley’s Columbia Avenue apartment. Sparks flew. It’s no understatement to say that OLG’s work for MJC put the company on the map in a big way. (How you read that is up to you; both ways are true.) These days, the two companies are neighbors in downtown’s Bricktown quadrangle (Clay/Brackenridge & Lafayette/Douglas). One of them is a truly worldwide phenomenon and Fort Wayne’s best kept secret. The other is sending you this electronic newsletter.

And yet, and yet…the girl never lost her way. Every now and again, Matilda Jane will return from her global adventures and grace OLG with her presence — and the kinds of projects that art directors everywhere have spent their whole lives dreaming about.

For 2011’s Spring line, House of Clouds, we created the marketing collateral for both the toddlers-to-tweens collection (Joy, Laughter and Possibility) and MJC’s new, first ever college-aged line. Best part? Marketing kickoff for the Fall 2011 line starts later this week…