Make Your Motion: Introducing Human Motor Works!

OLG is thrilled to announce our work for a soon-to-be community favorite, Human Motor Works. This new destination is committed to the active lifestyles of bicyclists, runners and swimmers in our region—whether you’re a curious beginner or seasoned triathelete. Located in Covington Plaza near Planet Fitness, the shop is fully stocked with some of the brands and gear known for quality, including Cannondale, Felt, Mizuno, Saucony and Asics. They also boast a knowledgable bike service staff, ready for any issues you experience out on the trails.

Our work with Human Motor Works started last winter when we were approached to do the branding for a new retail venture. We were told the name, logo and retail design were all parts of the creative deliverables. As you may know, there are several of us at OLG who are avid bike commuters and running hobbyists. The idea of us having influence over a whole mobile-friendly brand was a great opportunity. We wanted to help create the resource that our community deserved, and craved.

Naming the brand began with defining what the store represented and how customers would perceive it. Since there were multiple facets of the business, we couldn’t focus on just one aspect. We also knew that we wanted the name to be approachable and have a very public feeling—much like how good branding for a trail system works. In the end, the motivation towards pure, human-powered exercise stood out as the unifying theme. Human Motor Works represents the human motor—a living machine that craves motion and the need to be active now and always.

After the name was approved, we moved on to the logo. With stencil-like forms, it too conjures thoughts of other public ventures, i.e., subway systems or directional signage. We’ve tagged most versions with the RUN BIKE SWIM just to be clear on what HMW sells. In addition, we also landed on a color palette that’s simple and harkens to nature-bound ventures.

As with any full brand launch, we’ve created an online presence. Feel free to browse the website, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

So, if you’re out and about—or wish to be out and about—stop by Human Motor Works to get (digitally) fitted for your new bike or pair of shoes.


(We’ll be posting about other facets of branding, including retail design, soon!)

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