#MAJORWIN: Making RMI Real

USF-009_RM_Posters_5.3-1USF-009_RM_Posters_5.3-2USF-009_RM_Posters_5.3-3USF-009_RM_Posters_5.3-4handout_1handout_2handout_3Starting in Fall, the University of Saint Francis began offering a major in Risk Management and Insurance (RMI). What is RMI? And why would a student want to pursue a career in that field? Those are questions OLG needed to answer through a new campaign focused on the specific major. We developed a comprehensive campaign to introduce a career path that could be rewarding and interesting.

Many people may not know it, but northeastern Indiana has a large concentration of insurance companies who offer well-paying jobs with good job security. As the boomer generation of workers moves on, the industry is looking for fresh faces to fill the gaps. USF is proactively working with local companies and using some of their input to help create this unique degree.

We created a campaign called “#MAJORWIN” that helps make visible the benefits an RMI education can bring. Between higher-than-normal wages, industry interaction and the ability to stay in the region, we had a good story to tell. We did it with imagery of the students themselves with clear headlines—all in a design that says “RMI isn’t stuffy! It can be part of your lifestyle!”

USF, Risk Management & Insurance Degree from One Lucky Guitar, Inc. on Vimeo.