Lucky Ten Presents: Punk Party

It seems like every region has a set of punk bands that are dedicated to their craft of playing fast, no-nonsense rock & roll—no matter the crowd, no matter the trends. Luckily for us, some of those bands in the Midwest (plus three European lads) are getting together at Fort Wayne’s finest rock club to have a fun night filled with Ramones-influenced riffage and cheep beer.

If you make it out to the “Punk Party” on August 20th, you’ll get to see locals, Flamingo Nosebleed, who just finished up a Midwest tour and are about ready to take all their show’s energy to a recording studio for their third album “Headbanger.” From the land of Ohio come Johnie 3, who’ve landed in our city many times before and have always put on a good show. Their current tour-mates, the Dee Cracks from Austria, will fill any snotty vocal void in the night. Finishing out the 3-chord lineup are the Give-Ups, who will be coming with a brand new album (with all songs well under the two-minute mark).

On August 20th, pretend it’s the Brass Rail, back in the days when the lights would go out every once in a while.

Punk Party is a Lucky Ten event.

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