Announcing: Lucky 13



13 was my grandpa’s favorite number, and never meant anything but good to me.

This September will mark 13 at 13—OLG’s thirteenth anniversary at 1301 Lafayette Street, here on the southeast side of downtown. We call it Bricktown. And we’re happy to also call it home.

Here, every morning and some weekends too, the OLG team arrives with a bounce in its step, sleeves rolled up, coffee brewing, ready to get sweaty as we hungrily do the hard work of communicating brand soul for our clients. We express it, defend it, share it and answer to it—it’s our raison d’être, y’know?

Over these 13 years, we OLG’ers present and past have, as I recall, had the time of our lives. I can’t stop and think about it or I get all misty—and so forward we move, with velocity that will make your eyes water. (I swear, it’s the velocity…)

To mark this occasion, we’re gonna do a few special things (or maybe better stated, a few more special things).

First off, we’re going to break one of Bob Dylan’s cardinal rules (DONT LOOK BACK), by, indeed, sitting down with a handful of clients and collaborators to talk about some of the campaigns we’ve been fortunate enough to work on together. We’ll enjoy this series of videos, take a deep breath and hydrate, and then get back to helping write even more stories. Here’s a teaser:


Secondly, we’re going to introduce a couple of new events at The B-Side. First up is a new event series called BEST ALBUM EVER, TONIGHT. This monthly event will debut on Saturday, September 30th, 2017. What it is, is we’re gonna have a good ol’ fashioned listening party. Join us, bring some friends, maybe a few beverages, and we’ll dim the lights and play one of the best albums ever—by our estimation, your estimation, some British magazine’s estimation, whatever—in its entirety. Then we’ll all sit around and argue about how great the record actually is. Oh, and we’re also gonna do a “concert in the blind,” which we learned from David Wax Museum. Should be mesmerizing.

Third, we’re going to have a party. It will be loud. It will be awesome. It will will have mistletoes and be on December 16, 2017. We can’t tell you anything else, until after Middle Waves.

And, more. Lots more.

Thanks for hanging out, thanks for being our friends and our neighbors and our collaborators, and thank you for trusting us, and most importantly for inspiring us.


Matt Kelley
Jake Sauer
Michelle Love
Jonathan Barker
Olivia Fabian
Emma DePrez
Shane Starr
Beth McAvoy
Matt Thomas

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