Live from One Lucky Guitar, It's...

Over the last few years, we’ve been pleased to be able to present some of our very favorite musicians, right here within the hallowed walls of 1301 Lafayette Street.

Mark Hutchins’ memorable Sleepy Furnace album release show, featuring Kevin Hambrick, C. Ray Harvey and our good buddy Josh Hall.

David Bazan, of Pedro the Lion.


Eef Barzelay, of Clem Snide.

Tim “Let’s Not Get Famous” Rogers, of You Am I.

And now: MARAH.

We’re pleased to co-present Marah and Blue Mountain at The Brass Rail on Wednesday, October 3rd, 9PM. Longtime readers know that Marah has been an incredibly important band for OLG, and me personally, over the years, and it’s safe to say that John and Corey at the Brass Rail cite the Blue Mountain folks in the same “might not be here without ’em” kind of way. The fact that Blue Mountain and Marah are out on a co-headlining tour, and The Brass Rail and OLG get to co-present them in Fort Wayne, is beyond imaginable for all of us.

BUT FIRST…before that Rail set…we talked to Dave and Christine from Marah and they’re going to do an incredibly special “in-boutique” acoustic matinee performance in our office at 6PM that very same day. This will actually be in our office—not the Lotus Gallery—and therefore seating (er, floorspace) is extremely limited. We’ll be running audio and video of the performance, and who knows what Marah will do with it going forward? 

Best of all—the show is free. 

Tickets for the Rail show are available at The first few dozen sold will also include admission to the OLG show. So go pick a couple up, now. Any questions? Just email us.

We promise it’ll be an evening to remember. 

Marah from Red Tide Productions on Vimeo.
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