Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) Showprint

I was recently asked to design a poster for a super-intimate Jeff Tweedy solo show—in somebody’s home—that was a fundraiser for Second City’s Letters to Santa. We’ve done a few of these posters at OLG, but this time I was fortunate enough to get to attend the performance, which was ridiculously great. Jeff played requests, including “The Lonely 1″ for me. “Everything alright, Matt?” (Yes it is, mostly.)

A lot of times with showprint, you need to get someone’s attention on a busy wall full with competing posters, engage the viewer, and hustle your show. This one was more of a commemorative takeaway, and so it didn’t need to scream. I went with a subtle approach that hinted at some of my favorite Wilco songs and albums.

Anyway, Jeff was totally awesome. Gave him a Lucky Ten book for himself, and a Good Ones shirt for his nephew. Our awkward past never came up…

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