Jeff Tweedy Living Room Show, 2013

One Lucky Guitar is in the incredibly blessed position of knowing a lot of cool folks. For the last several years, our good friend Wendy has given One Lucky Guitar the opportunity to create the showprint for Chicago’s Letters to Santa Living Room Show event. It’s an auctioned living room concert where Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy plays requests from his repertoire for the better part of four hours. Check out Matt’s posters from the event in 2010 and 2012, and Drew’s poster from 2009.

I gave it a go this year. The thickest cotton paper I’ve ever laid eyes on. Two-color letterpress. I stalked the home of this year’s living room show on Google Street-View for the illustration and created icons for all of Wilco’s full-length records to date (I know, I know, it’s missing the second Mermaid Ave…I’m letting that bubble represent both records, c’mon).

Something extra spectacular happened that night—I got the opportunity to hack through a song with the man himself. Knowing this was on the table ahead of time, I wrote a piano part to “Company in My Back” from A Ghost is Born. I sweated through every inch of cloth on my body and it became a night I’ll embellish for years to come.


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