Interview on "Create the Map"

Last month I threw a slew of OrbitalFleets posters and issues of Ferocious in my car and trekked it to Cleveland. Had a tremendous opportunity to represent among the artists and designers at WMC Fest. I almost feel like I should be blogging about the trip itself. The speakers soaked and friends made, made for one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time.

During the fest, Chicago-based filmmaker, Jay Delaney, pulled some folks aside and asked ‘em questions about their lives and their work. 9 interviews in all and today #7 went live—my goofy mug! You can read Jay’s full post about my interview with him here (there’s a clip of the interview there too if it seems a little painful to stare at my crooked tooth for too long), or just watch the full monty below.

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