Insub Fest!

This year marks the fourth year I’ve been able to lead the creative vision for the annual 3-day punk-fest in Baltimore. This year’s theme started with the idea of the record label (and overall cool dudes) saying they wanted to honor the memory of Erika Hynes, a girl who was a huge supporter of the bands we love and had connections to old-time Lookout! Records. The thought was to illustrate a crowd of people enjoying a show and the logo would contain a reference to Erika by adding the letters E.F.Y (Extra F*ck Yeah!).

I thought adding a whole crowd might be a little complicated, but I took the challenge and I thought it turned out pretty rad. I kept my colors to a minimum and made sure the type got most of the attention. The design started with the poster which then made its way to a t-shirt. The stage banners’ width required a new layout (and new characters). The logo was then isolated and used on Facebook and other online promotions.

Unfortunately, this year I didn’t get to go. I would’ve liked to see my buds in Flamingo Nosebleed play the preshow or my longtime faves, Chixdiggit take the main stage on Saturday. Oh well, there’s always next year.