I&M's Welcome Wall

Our client Indiana Michigan Power occupies several levels of One Summit Square in downtown Fort Wayne. The uppermost of those—the 26th floor—had a pretty drab hallway that faced one of the three elevators. We were asked to design something new for the wall that was not only a visually appealing welcome sign but also a tribute to their employees, as well as a reference to how much value they provide the region.

The final design was installed a couple weeks ago by GraphX Direct. There’s three panels about seven feet wide, each printed on high-quality backing and enhanced by custom-cut acrylic on top. In addition, vinyl graphics were applied to the surface of the acrylic which provided more depth to the piece. I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the final color and finish of everything. I think a visitor to the top floor will get a much better sense of where they are!

The people throughout the display are all true I&M employees and the text on the right panel is a brief, inspiring letter from I&M’s president in 1934 on their commitment to customers. All the way on the left, vinyl decals on the bottom represent some neat stats about the company like how many people they employ or communities they serve. One part I’m particularly proud of is the set of icons in the middle panel. As a group they represent customer satisfaction and the value (dollars and cents) I&M provides. (In fact, did you know they’re 25 percent cheaper than most of their competitors?) You’ll be seeing more of those lil’ guys in the near future.




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