Illustrated Critters of the Wetland

There’s been a lot of Fort Wayne Trails goodness rolling through our home base lately. One of the more visual pieces of this brand came in the form of signage for the Engle Road Trailhead (which is along FWT’s Towpath Trail). As champion of the artistic touchpoints, Drew Kora took responsibility of design and layout of the several signs that make up this biking hub. One of the displays was set aside to talk about wildlife that one might see in the nearby Eagle Marsh wetland, part of the Little Rivers Wetlands Project, and Drew thought I could tackle the task of illustrating the four animals.

Above are the four final images I provided for the sign which included an Eastern Bluebird, a Mink, a Northern Leopard Frog and a Monarch Butterfly. I guess I wasn’t aware that we even had minks around here! Maybe now’s not the best time to be traveling on the bike, but next spring make it a point to stop out at the trailhead and support your Fort Wayne Trails. Stay tuned for a more in-depth story by Drew on other signage and its significance, coming soon to The Dial.

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