New Grand Wayne Website

The Grand Wayne Convention Center’s website has always been one of our favorites here at OLG. If you had visited the website anytime in the last few years, you may have been dazzled by the tasteful use of Flash animation and interactivity. However, needs change as our technology changes. With the advent of modern browser technology and mobile device use, a lot can be accomplished that wasn’t possible even a year ago.

Stat Counter’s Global Stats estimate that mobile devices account for 11.78% of all internet traffic and is growing, while the market share for desktop users is on a slow decline. Studies have shown that mobile users abandon websites in roughly half the time that a desktop user would when a website is slow to load.

So, while evaluating the needs of the Grand Wayne Convention Center’s website redesign, it was clear that the viewing experience for mobile and tablet users was a top priority. While it was tough to see one of our most beloved sites go, it’s even greater to have a new future-proof, updatable and fast loading website. And we love this new approach to web design and development at OLG. These pseudo constraints force us to think creatively and make for a more coherent, experience from platform to platform.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the fresh new Grand Wayne Convention Center website here.

(Pro tip: resize your browser to see the various tablet and mobile versions of the website.)

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