Gifting the Utopian Way

It’s that time of year where many professionals or companies like to start thinking about how to thank their clients after a successful year. Those who really want to show appreciation will spend some time looking for the best gift. Unfortunately, time is something hard to come by end-of-year. That’s where our friends at Utopian Coffee step in.

Utopian Gifting is a branch of the company that deals specifically with creating memorable gift packages which can be custom assembled, shipped and personalized with little hassle to the purchaser. These packages contain a range of goodies from chocolates, to premium maple syrup to fudge sauce and are paired with Utopian’s great coffee. One Lucky Guitar was invited to create this Fall’s creative campaign to help promote this incredible service. We created a direct mail piece, three custom emails and select web elements for their website. We also helped direct new studio photography of the products.

The campaign’s headlines drove the bulk of creative. We wanted to get across the fact that by using Utopian Gifting, you can take care of all your clients in a one-stop-shop and send something that everyone will love. Utopian uses custom wooden boxes to package most of the gift packages, so we played off the grainy texture with text that looked like it was branded into the surface.

All we can say is we’ll be jealous of all the deserving folks that receive a nice wooden box that smells like coffee.