Fort Wayne Outfitters' Kids Bike Race

Jake Patton at the Fort Wayne Outfitters' bike race

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Fort Wayne Outfitters you should plan a visit. Not only do we (OLG) have a working relationship with them, (we developed their identity, signage and most recently their new website) but I’m also great friends with some of the owners, Tim and Cara Hall.

The shop is definitely a “hidden gem” on the River Greenway. They boast a variety of bikes, paddleboards, kayaks, apparel and gear. The product lines they carry are pretty hard to find in this area—LOVE the Lole apparel line for women!!

My husband is a cyclist, so my son has become a bike lover as well—of course! This past weekend Fort Wayne Outfitters hosted a cycling race for various categories of cyclists—included was a kids race our son participated in for the second year in a row. They actually had them ride on the cyclocross course—for those of you that don’t know that means, it is pretty intense! There was a sandpit and obstacle course (see photo) the kids were helped through. Overall, it was just a really great experience to introduce Jake to and even though he had to work to get through it he had a blast and got a medal at the end—which makes everything better!

I encourage you to check out the Fort Wayne Outfitters website, or better yet stop by the shop on Cass Street!

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