Finding Hope in Kipsongo

For one week in February, I had the most unbelievable and incredibly life-changing opportunity to stay in Kitale, Kenya. I have so much I want to share about the trip and the future of what is happening in Kitale, so I split up all my thoughts and journal entries into a little magazine/essay style website called Finding Hope in Kipsongo.

My good friends, Jenni and Steve Vorderman, were so incredibly kind to let me use their photography from the trip for the website. I hope you get to see a little of what we experienced in Kenya and why I can’t wait to return.

Here are some cliff notes if you just want to read a couple stories (And I definitely don’t blame you. There’s quite a bit in this thing)—

The stories that I think capture how my heart was changed—how I fell in love with Kenya:
Welcomed at The Seeds Academy
Our Visit to Kipsongo
On Being Home

The stories about the boy I’ll never forget—Ezekiel:
The Day I Met Ezekiel
The Bus to the Orphanage
Saying Goodbye
– Last paragraph of Being Home

Click to read “Finding Hope in Kipsongo.”

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