Find Your Make Believe

We just wrapped up this brand new piece for a brand new client: Bitty Birdie Boutique. Bitty Birdie is an online store who sells everything from current stock, overstock and past seasons’ clothing from 100 different children’s boutiques. They handle all the photography, online listings, customer service, packaging and shipping and the partnered boutiques earn commissions off each sale. A pretty sweet deal to say the least.

The piece is a folder with cards that walk you through four parts of the Bitty Birdie Boutique brand: Unending Imagination (the brands), A Digital Wonderland (how the partnership works), Stories Unfold (press and accolades), Sharing Dreams (Bitty Birdie’s charity partner, Baby Buggy). The photography throughout the piece is by Shannon Sewell.

Each folder was cut from a custom die and printed on Neenah’s Royal Sundance Felt paper. The uncoated paper coupled with the intense “teeth” in the felt stock give not only the piece, but the photography a really great hand-made quality. A perfect complement to the clothing sold through Bitty Birdie Boutique.

An extra special thanks to Tiffany at Bitty Birdie! This was such a great first project to be able to work on with her. You can learn more about Bitty Birdie and shop their clothes online at

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