Economic Development in Motion

Explaining the work and mission of a LEDO (Local Economic Development Organization) can be difficult and sometimes complicated to extremes. When the LaGrange County Economic Development Corporation came to us, they wanted to find a way to make the story of a LEDO more appealing and understandable to the general public.

The answer was a relatively short, fun animation that touched on all the major points of what LEDOs do and why their job is important to the community. This video will become part of future presentations and live on through their website and other media.

The bonus is with the additional involvement of the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, we’ll be able to modify this project to work for other Indiana county LEDOs as well.

After we developed a clear, concise script, the fun part for me, obviously, was developing the look and feel of the illustrations. We needed a color palette that was contemporary and the construction of elements would have to lend itself to simple movements. I think we ended up in a great place that’s not too complex and pairs well with the simple message. (That message itself was voiced by our own Bridget Pearson!)

Props to OLG’s friend, Nate Utesch for the final animation.