DSANI Star Award for Dupont Birthplace Campaign

Compliments, Publicity

American short story author and novelist Thomas Wolfe (1900–1938) once said, “You have reached the pinnacle of success as soon as you become uninterested in money, compliments or publicity.” We’re getting there. In the meantime…

DSANI Star Award
Every year, DSANI (Down Syndrome Association of Northeast Indiana) recognizes organizations and individuals who have made a positive impact on the people of Northeast Indiana with Down syndrome and their families. Alongside Lutheran Health Network, the OLG-Lodge team was humbled to be recognized for our marketing work for Dupont Hospital’s Birthplace, a campaign that featured the Fleischer family.

As three-time Birthplace parents, we knew that Mindy and Chris Fleischer would be able to tell a truly well-rounded story about their unique experiences at Dupont Hospital. While the 30-second television commercial focused on their youngest child Gavin’s early arrival and time in the NICU, what we really wanted to display was this family’s strength, focus and positivity. The imagery and film of eldest child Raina, middle child Tristan (a child with Down syndrome) and Gavin playing together, and the pride in their parents eyes, conveyed more about the amazingly beautiful experience of being a parent than we would have ever been able to achieve with actors, actresses and catchy jingles. They were (and are) perfect.

See the spot here.