DeKalb New Tech Launch

In our continued partnership with the Northeast Indiana Fund and Talent Initiative, OLG was able to design another round of logos related to high school programs. In this case, DeKalb county was the next district in the region to approve and begin developing a New Tech high school. DeKalb New Tech will join the ranks of Columbia City, Monroe, Fort Wayne, Huntington and Lakeland—looking to strategically teach kids in a way that enhances their performance in a modern work environment.

Like past logos, we started creating an icon for the new school based on the heritage of the current school. DeKalb High School is known by “The Barons” moniker and so I moved forward thinking of how to tie a medieval theme into a progressive-looking element. I liked how the shield had worked for Huntington’s Viking program and I thought the same feeling, with a twist, could work well for DeKalb. The result is a shield that references the top of a castle with a red (their school color) flag waving above. The “D” inside is a custom letterform who’s slab is more “knightly” and collegiate. The logo is finished off with the same typeface we’ve used on all New Tech logos, for consistency.

In addition to branding the New Tech side of the school, we were also asked to refresh the traditional high school’s mascot image. It was quite fun taking the old Baron head and giving it the proper love. I can’t wait to see it on a football helmet.

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