Dare to Dream

Over the last few months, OLG has rolled out a new print campaign for the fine folks at Carson Boxberger. On the heels of promoting their new location and renewed commitment to clients and staff, we’ve taken a fresh look that touts some of their larger partnerships. Currently, we’ve showcased three of the practice’s clients—Sweetwater Sound, Ash Brokerage and Master Spas. All of these clients have experienced significant growth or investment during their tenure with Carson Boxberger and believe that having CB navigate some of their law needs was a small part of their success. If these clients trust CB, why wouldn’t your business take a look at what they have to offer?

With each of the ads, we wanted to show a tangible object to relate to the client. In layout, we also wanted to present it in a way that was slightly different than you’d usually see it, preferably at a different angle, with a focus on high black & white contrast. The splash of red and use of some white space was consistent with other things we’ve done for the brand. It was fun working with the super-vertical ads too!