Brass Rail Tees

A while ago, Corey Rader, co-owner of Fort Wayne’s best rock venue asked me if I wanted to do a tee design for him. I said “yes” and this was the result. The first printing, I tried black ink on a dark gray shirt. I think it turned out pretty swell but I guess when you wear it in a dark bar it can be a lil’ hard to see, ha. The second “edition”, black on light gray gives ya a little more contrast. If you’re wondering, the illustration of the boar head is based off the one mounted inside the bar. They probably still have both for sale if ya ask. It’s funny since the printing, that this has sprung up almost as their “official” logo, when it really just started as a tee design.

BTW, did you know Broadway in Fort Wayne has no “Street” or “Ave” attached to it? Kinda cool.