Bordo Bello 2012

As if last year wasn’t cool enough, I was stoked beyond words to be able to participate in AIGA’s Bordo Bello event for 2012. All the proceeds from the event go to AIGA’s mentorship program.

I spent almost every evening of my adolescence skateboarding yet somehow never got good at it. My go-to excuse was that my style was “80s” or “old school”—meaning we get all fancy without having to actually flip or jump over anything. Lots of scuffed palms and skidding around on the blacktop. Made for a good laugh and arguably the best memories of my childhood. A move I could moderately pull off via this old school grab-bag was the “no comply.” You essentially step off the board with your front foot and ollie with only your back foot. Your back foot both pops the board and catches the board where your front foot would normally be. Gets all the ladies with half the practice. 80’s rule, man. I called my deck “No Comply” and brushed some portraits of folks protesting or rioting or something (ie, not complying).

Some of the decks this year were just insane. And as always, the folks involved were just unreal. To be able to have my crappy deck hanging on a wall beside Charles S. Anderson and Louise Fili is an unhealthy amount of awesome. And that crappy deck was purchased by the insanely talented Tymn Armstrong! #unhealthy. Here are some pics from the event followed a handful of the decks!

Nate Utesch

Von Glitschka
Charles S. Anderson

Mig Reyes

Michael Connolly
Johnny Cupcakes

Louise Fili

Michael Dee
Wesley Schauble (check out the mini site for his deck!)

Tymn Armstrong

Bobby McKenna

Shaw Nielsen

Able Paris

Aaron Draplin

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