Make Print Powerful

Just out of college, I didn’t know what the hell I was doin’. I spent the first two years of my career at another agency up on Cook Road, learning the ropes. I didn’t even know what “accounts” were—in general—or that there was an entire department for “production.”

But, I remember, even during my state of naïveté, hearing the name of a finishing shop being thrown around on a weekly basis by my production manager at the time… “Becky’s can do that.” “Becky’s would be perfect for this.” “You want to do what with this piece? Alright, OK, I’m sure Becky’s can figure it out…”

To me, Becky’s was like the Wizard of Oz, or Charlie (re: Charlie’s Angels)… this name that I constantly heard but had never known or met the people behind. The only real interaction I had with Becky’s back then was when I was designing the company holiday card and wanted to get all lavish with some gold foil finishes… L-A-V-I-S-H.

Fast forward three-ish years, I found myself getting to work alongside and interview the people behind Becky’s.

Becky’s Die Cutting came to OLG for a self-promotional piece, a refreshed website and video they could use in their capabilities presentation to potential partners.

We developed a printed booklet to showcase their services, from foil-stamping and die cutting, to embossing and lamination. Then we recorded the finishing process and created their video, including an interview with Becky and Chris Garrison.

After sitting down with Becky and Chris for a few hours and hearing their story, it was easy to see why their name had become that of a living legend. Their passion is palpable and they’re so endearing I didn’t want to leave.

It was a pleasure to listen to and convey their story. They certainly live up to their reputation and truly have the ability to make print powerful.


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