Basement Sounds

So every once in a while you have a good friend. And sometimes that friend is in a band. And you like their tunes. And things are cooler when you get to design stuff for them. A couple months ago, I wrapped up art on the new Flamingo Nosebleed album, Blood on the Basement Floor. Now that it’s finally available, I can post some of the fun packaging.

From the beginning, I wanted the cover to be kinda reminiscent of old black and white punk flyer art—nothing but pen and ink. The title of the album is a nod to the Ramones and instead of using the term Blood to be gruesome, I wanted it to refer to a sort of blood/sweat/tears scenario where the band is playing in a crowded basement, crazy characters and all. I continued the sketchiness to the handwritten lyrics inside the CD packaging.

As far as sound, I think the boys stepped it up with with some really catchy anthems. They’re starting a cross-country tour next month all the way to the West Coast and I’m sure they’ll get a lot more punks interested in the tunes. Rock!

Photo credits on album and here are to Bambi Guthrie Photography.

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