OLG's Favorite Things: Apps

Again this past holiday, we took a page from the Oprah Winfrey playbook and assembled our favorite things into one, big OLG goody basket to share with our clients and friends.

It was fun. We liked it. And now, we turn to The Dial, to keep sharing our favorite things, all year long.

So—let’s get to it. And because we know a good thing when we see it, we’re going to revisit an old favorite Dial post from 2012 and tell you what our favorite apps are (the technology kind, not the food kind) (also, a lot changes in six years in the app world…).




This app connects with OnStar in my beloved Buick Regal, and I can start the engine to warm it up from anywhere! Yes, ANYWHERE. This app allows me to make friends, as many want to ride with me since the car is toasty as soon as we get in. Really, the app is pretty cool. I have free basic OnStar connectivity which grants you usage of the myBuick app. The app will remind you where you parked, start your engine, turn on your horn or lights and lock your car doors. Amazing technology!

Lists on lists on lists. I don’t use Evernote for the full capacity that it offers, but I do make me some lists! I make a list of the meals I plan to cook for the week, of all of my groceries needed to make those meals, of what I need to buy at Target (to deter myself from spending $150 on the things I really don’t need), of what I need to do on days where I am so busy I can barely remember my name. I get way too geeked about marking checkboxes DONE!

Tied for Third Place: Starbucks, Amazon, Chase, CBS, IMBD
I can’t decide! I like buying things with my apps. Then checking to make sure I actually had the money to buy them. I like catching up on The Young and the Restless on the treadmill. And I LOVE being able to instantly find out where I’ve seen that dude on TB before.

*Screenshot note: Yes. I am the lone Andriod user at OLG. #Galaxy4EVA. Also, I like folders.

Jake's iPhone



Just Watch
My favorite new app where you choose any of the video streaming services you use (Netflix, Hulu, etc), set filters to your liking (only movies with at least a 50% on Rotten Tomatoes) and then it spits out a list of available titles that are all in one place. It also shows you regularly what’s been added to each service.

Google Translate
I realize this is something that’s been out for a while, but it has come in handy for me. While I was in Québec, I used the video function to translate signage in real time. Good to have if you plan on traveling.





Track a reading goal (I’m aiming for 40 in 2018, and I’m feeling pretty good about that at six already). Rate your books. Get recommendations for new books. See what your friends are reading, or have read. Basically, another social media account specific to books. Also, have a virtual bookmark incase your real one falls out. It’s WILD.

I would say “I hate carrying cash,” but the truth is, I really just have a hard time getting to (or remembering to get to…) the bank. Venmo lets you transfer money to and from friends easily; no more awkward change, wondering who someone banks with or writing checks. (I even have friends who pay their rent this way.)

As a person who moves so often between a computer and a phone (especially managing social media), the Dropbox app has been a lifesaver. I make an image or write some copy on my computer, and I just drag it into my Dropbox—seconds later, I open the app, and there it is. I can access my library of photography from my phone at any time. Or, if I’m in a meeting and need to reference something, and I can pull it right up on my phone. LIFESAVER.




Nothing new here, everyone has it. I follow a lot of designers, illustrators and other creatives, and for me it’s still the best way to see their latest stuff. It’s a good mix of client and personal work. It’s also a great way of seeing what my mates are up to in Australia, and help me remember people’s birthdays. Am I really telling you about Instagram? Weird, but I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, so this is my go-to.

Google Maps
I grew up overseas driving on the other side of the road—using kilometres and metres—so a navigation app has been invaluable since landing stateside. Sure, sometimes it takes you some weird way, but that’s usually how you find that next taco place you gotta try, or that bar with the beer garden, overlooking that place. Anyway, it stops me asking for directions quite so often, which saves the “Why are you in Indiana” conversation that inevitably ends with me telling them that I am not related to Steve Irwin or Crocodile Dundee.

I like beer, so I like Uber. 5 stars.


Matt K


Apple dropped this on our phones and iPads back in 2015, with the release of iOS9. Like you, I stared at the app’s icon, quickly moved it and tried to delete it, was annoyed by its notifications, and not much else. Then one bored morning last October, a slow day on my usual early-AM surf of Expecting Rain and Pitchfork, I decided to actually check out the news, via News. And that’s how I’ve spent every morning since, black coffee in one hand, News app in the other. Politics, sports, national and international happenings, bit of entertainment, including from media sites that otherwise limit your articles. Now I know more things about more things. Digital media fever, folks. Catch it!

YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne
Beth pointed me to this one. We both dig the group fitness classes at the Y, and this surprisingly robust and easy-to-use app gives full daily schedules for all branches. Meet me at the 6:15AM bootcamp at Central on MWF, the HIIT at Jorgensen on Saturday and some Sundays (get there early, it’s packed!), dreadmills at any ol’ location on icy days, lunchtime spin on Tues/Thurs at Central, and shoot hoops and throw the pigskin with me and my kids at open gym at Renaissance on Sundays at noon.

This is kind of a cheat, really, since I’m sure we’ll talk podcasts in a future Dial post, but I just want to let you know I’m obsessed with the daily Best of the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz and if you are, too, then let’s be best friends forever.

PS Olivia I’m about to catch up on Basecamp, I promise!

Image uploaded from iOS (1)

Matt T


Sun Scout
BRO! This thing is the most helpful app in the universe, I guess unless you happen to be on the sun, though…then you really wouldn’t need to know where the sun is going to be at what time (because you’d be in insane amounts of pain from the heat of the GD SUN YOU ARE STANDING ON). How’d Smash Mouth do it man…we’ll never know. I digress, it’s great for scouting locations.

Lightroom CC
Are you struggling with uppin’ yer likes? Have you worn out those basic IG filters? Does anyone even know how to pronounce VSCO? Say. No. More. Lightroom is basically, well, like Lightroom on your computer, but now in the palm of your hand. Pairs well with those sick new iPhones, too.

This app has changed my life. Before, I was just a helpless soul wandering around aimlessly without purpose. Meaninglessly bouncing from scanner app to scanner app. Fatefully, one day, Shane Starr was like, “Hey man, have you ever heard of CamScanner?” Finally, my life’s call was answered. Now I’m able to scan documents directly to my phone using its camera…and I’m never looking back.




This is a resale app. It’s crazy simple to use and I’ve made a lot of money selling used kids items and household stuff. I can list things and wait for them to be purchased, pack them up when it is convenient and don’t have to meet up with people like you do with Facebook Marketplace. It’s a huge win for this frugal mom.

I gifted myself a membership for Christmas 2016. Not only did their clever marketing pull me in, but I wanted my husband to see my Instagram feed in real life. Now I get cute books with my special memories—delivered right to my mailbox. Everyone loves flipping through my books.

Say goodbye to long group texts, missed emails or forgetting it’s PJ day at school. Our school, soccer team, and Girl Scout troop use Remind. I find it easy to communicate with teachers, get reminders of important dates or plan school parties with other parents I might not be connected with personally. Love the simplicity!




Clear is a must for lovers of list-making. Make and organize lists in an app that actually looks pretty, too.

Color Story
A great choice for the non-photographer/non-designer who wants to try to keep up with the badassery of their co-worker’s IGs. It’s a super user-friendly photo editing app that allows you to make fine tuning adjustments, add effects like color fog or filter it up. Created by the gals of A Beautiful Mess with other OF fave-app runners up such as Party Party and Design Kit. 

Hopper is amazing for the adventure planner. The app organizes your trips and sends you the cheapest airfare prices around. I like the flexible feature that has you set the month (or multiple months), number of days you’d be away and destination and then gives you tons of options.




Project management. Love it for the simple, visual interface.

I love audiobooks. This app lets you access your local library’s catalog, and is more user-friendly than the OverDrive app most libraries use.

Everyone has a favorite weather app. This is mine.