A Reason to Give

Dial_AU_Newsletter_22017 is already an exciting year for projects with Arts United. Recently, we launched newly redesigned touchpoints for the organization’s annual fund drive, and ongoing communications with the public.

This year, the non-profit—which exists to server over 70 local arts organizations in Northeast Indiana—is complementing its new fundraising materials with a seasonal newsletter which gives updates on the groups it supports, the Arts Campus, local events, annual report information and more. OLG developed the first, unique folded piece, released this winter, with full design materials provided to AU to help them continue to use this format for seasons to come.

In addition, we worked with Arts United to create a video that shares the ongoing story of arts in our community, and AU’s role in helping make this an ever-more-vibrant scene. The video was built with a combination of new video and interviews along with footage provided by many talented organizations and shooters in our community.

As always, keep up-to-date with local arts events with Arts United’s Arts & Culture Forecast.