A New Look for Arts United

Almost a year ago, Arts United of Greater Fort Wayne came to us with a challenge: help Arts United increase its visibility. A challenge indeed. Even though Arts United has provided critical support to arts groups throughout the region for decades, many people are unaware of exactly what the organization does.

So we went to work learning about our new friends at Arts United.

Using Powerchords, the One Lucky Guitar branding workshop, we became versed about the tens of millions of dollars they’ve raised for the arts over the years. We explored the amazing buildings they own and maintain, like the Arts United Center (designed by world renowned architect Louis Kahn). And we discovered how so many arts groups depend on the insurance and bookkeeping services that Arts United provides. More than anything, we found that Arts United enriches the community socially, culturally and economically by supporting the arts.

With that knowledge in hand, we realized that if Arts United was going to increase its visibility in the community, they’d need to start by refreshing their identity. In other words — time for a new logo. As we designed the logo, we knew we needed an icon that would represent a creative, nurturing and well-established organization. One with a long history of success behind it, and many more bright colorful years ahead. As the mark is often used as a tag on member groups’ marketing, it also had to resize well and work in a variety of sizes and colors.

We’re honored to work with Arts United, and couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome of the project—the logo is just the beginning. Arts United has some exciting developments planned for the near future that will impact the quality of life for families throughout Northeast Indiana. Keep your eyes peeled — or don’t. Pretty soon Arts United will be so visible in the community they’ll be hard to miss.

We hope you’ll support them as we do.

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